A warm, traditional Bed and Breakfast Inn has opened in Velvendo-Kozanis, ideal for rest and relaxation and the perfect getaway from the stress of a hectic daily life.

Here a visitor will enjoy true peace and quiet, experience the unique hospitality of Velvendo, taste delicious homemade meals, special local wine of excellent quality as well as the famous homemade fruit jams.

The Inn has nine beautifully decorated guest rooms where history and tradition meet modern comfort. Each one is named after a different muse of the Nine Ancient Greek Muses.

On the main level, there is a reception area specially designed with a fireplace so friends can gather for coffee, refreshments, or a glass of wine. Breakfast is served daily and is included in the price of a room.

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Tel: 2464049012, 6947905511 & 6976618237
Fax: 24640 32221
E-mail: vavlodim@otenet.gr


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