About 30 kilometers away from Kozani and 3 miles from Velventos, the canyon of 9 Muses or “Skepasmeno canyon” appears as if it comes from a fairytale. Its name originates from the covered channels, have been constructed by the locals in order to transport water or perhaps to force the myth that this place was the residence of the 9 Muses of Pieria.

The water flow starts from an altitude of 1100 meters and ends its way to the the pond of Polifitos. A huge waterfall and ten smaller have been created by the “magical nature”.

Other “surprises” such as small ponds, rich vegetation (planes, pines and other trees), old watermills and big rocks endow this area. A wooden observatory completes the impressive landscape and from there someone can admire the view to the waterfalls.

The visitors can wander around this natural monument, while the more adventurous have the challenge of a difficult downhill or climbing. Anyway,the nature as a skilful architect compensates them the most.
The canyon has been properly configured since many years, in order to be a place to escape for nature lovers and climbers and meeting place for friends.

Article by → Vasiliki Tsiftsi – Kozani Guide Editor

Vasiliki Tsiftsi

Vasiliki Tsiftsi is Historian and Content editor of Kozani Guide. She has a degree in History and Archeology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.