Twelve kilometers away from the city of Kozani,in the area around the village of Xirolimni,there are two caves embellishing the foothills of Askio (or Kagiapasi,as the mountain called by the locals).

The cave of Antartis and the “hole of pigeon”, characterized as “secret treasures” by the residents, who actually testify the existence of these holes in the mountain for decades. These caves present particular interest for cavers and geologists.

A hole whose dimensions are 3×1 meters is the entrance of the cave of Antartis. Its depth is 8 meters and inside it there is a hall with cave formations(mainly corals). The fact that a pond with water is formed due to the stillation is noteworthy and seems like an oasis in the depths of the cave. There are indications of continuity of the cave, but needs further investigation.

The cave “hole of pigeon” with depth of about 40 meters and ellipsoidal entrance with dimensions of 1,5×1 meters, hides a narrow downhill,where the movement becomes difficult because of soil and debris. This passage leads to a small hall where rich cave formation, such as stalactites and stalagmites, are formed. The walls all over the hall are covered by distillation.

In 2012, members of Proteas Speleology association have visited the caves and being excited by their beauty, spread their impressions by triggering a series of explorations, which revealed their excellent aesthetic value.

Article by → Vasiliki Tsiftsi – Kozani Guide Editor

Vasiliki Tsiftsi

Vasiliki Tsiftsi is Historian and Content editor of Kozani Guide. She has a degree in History and Archeology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.