It was on 2004 that the Prefecture of Kozani started for first time a promotional framework aiming to promote Voio’s Culture as well as the promotion of aromatic and pharmaceutical plants in the prefecture.

Into this framework the first and only one Cooperative of Aromatic and Medicinal PLants of Voio has been created and focused mainly on the cultivation of Rosa Damascena and Rosa Alba pants.

The first plants were imported from Bulgaria on 2004 and in 2006 the first harvest took gave a significant and high quality roses! Now the cooperative produces high quality rose oil, the rosewater and the famous “Rose” sweet of spoon.

The cooperative today enumerates more than 35 members from the whole area while the cultivation culture tend to be extend in the whole Kozani region.

Objectives of the Cooperative for the next five-year period are the extension of rose cultivation and the promotion of other aromatic and pharmaceutical plants in the entire region of Kozani.

Article by → Kyriakos Papadopoulos – Kozani Guide Editor

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